Invest in your future, not your landlords!

In a typical warehouse, you are contributing to your landlord’s success with each monthly rent payment. At IPG Realty, we help you contribute to your own future. Owning a condominium warehouse is a logical step if you want to build the value of your business, because ownership, unlike renting, is all about growing equity.

Buying the right location is a business decision that rewards you with peace of mind, security, and equity. And in spite of the many extra amenities that are standard at International Property Group developments, pricing is competitive.

Benefits of Ownership

The purchase of a home is often considered a rite of passage, the first important financial decision of an adult. Owning your business home may be even more important to your financial future, though it is much less common.

The advantages to purchasing an office/showroom/warehouse condominium are many. Stability. Asset creation. Reinvestment of profit. Control of maintenance funds. Investment appreciation.

By converting your lease liability into an asset on your balance sheet, you control your financial future, and that of your business. You also increase your tax savings eliminate lease increases and passively add to the value of your company. Let us show you how.