Your business delivers a quality product. You pride yourself on your customer service and attention to detail. You deserve a business location that works as hard as you do toward the bottom line.

In a typical warehouse, you are contributing to your landlord’s success with each monthly check you write. Warehouse condominium ownership allows you to build equity in your business location.

International Property Group’s directors have been building business parks in Miami-Dade County for over twenty five years. These properties are a culmination of that knowledge and experience. You’ll find lots of extra amenities in our facilities, because we know you need them to grow your business.

Construction features include concrete roofing, solid concrete walls with footers, two separate bathrooms and four to five inch concrete floors. Lots of impact-resistant windows add light and visibility to your operations. Plus you also get added square footage in our spacious warehouse mezzanines. But topping it all is the knowledge that with each mortgage payment, you are investing in your own financial security.