Owner Satisfaction Survey Results for International Property Group

A random sample of owners at Banyan Commerce Center Phase 1 were selected to respond to questions developed with the purpose of determining quality of services and products provided by International Property Group. The questions were crafted with the intent of revealing the perceptions of IPG client customers with respect to communication, construction, professionalism and likely ongoing goodwill within the community.

Previous Location:

By buying at Banyan Commerce Center 1 56% of respondents were moving within the Medley real estate market. Continued focus on Medley based business’ can expedite sales for BCC2. The inverse relationship would be true of Dolphin project with focus on Airport West.

All sample group respondents rented at their previous location.

Purchase Experience:
For 88.9% of respondents this was their first commercial real estate purchase. Based upon their experience with this process 100% of respondents said they would purchase commercial property again.

Purchase from International Property Group:
88.9% of respondents indicated that they would purchase again from IPG and they would purchase in another Banyan Park.

100% of respondents indicated that they would, will or have referred future potential buyers to Ken Farkas and IPG.

Ease of Process:

Average Score: 2.7

56% of respondents were VERY SATISFIED with the ease of purchasing their unit. Only 11% were EXTREMELY SATISFIED lowering the average. This also indicates process inconsistency. Standards implementation can correct.   

Quality of Construction   

Average Score: 3.6

100% of respondents were EXTREMELY or VERY SATISFIED with the quality of construction. The strength in this category improved perceptions of respondents in all other categories.   


Quality of Interiors:   

Average Score: 3.6

Responses to this statement were consistent with the positive perceptions associated with construction.

Quality of Office Space:    

Average Score: 3.3

Responses to this statement were consistent with the positive perceptions associated with construction. Negative feedback was associated with lack of build-out options for upgrade office space. Making such upgrade available would improve overall score on construction topics.   

Quality of Parking:   

Average Score: 3.8

At 9 parking spaces per unit respondents were EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the quantity and  quality of parking for    employees. Business’ participating in sample are not necessarily labor intensive thereby minimizing demand.       

Quality of Truck Court:   

Average Score: 3.7

78% of respondents were EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the quality of the truck court. Minimal dissenters expressed
concerns over maintenance debris, and unidentified containers.   

Quality of Landscape:

Average Score: 2.9

33% of respondents were only SOMEWHAT SATISFIED with the quality of the landscaping around the perimeter of the building. Lack of more mature trees and quality of plantings were considered average. At the time of planting certain varietals were  unavailable. Future projects require a more thoughtful approach to landscape architecture.

Quality of Maintenance:    

Average Score: 2.6

33% of respondents are SOMEWHAT or NOT SATISFIED with the quality of ongoing building maintenance. Limited negative response regarded maintenance of landscape. The majority of negative response regarded the lack of orderly waste disposal at the rear of the building on the truck court. This issue will need to be addressed by the governing association for resolution.

Quality of Property Management:    

Average Score: 3.2

More than half of respondents were VERY SATISFIED with the current property management team operated by IPG. 33% were EXTREMELY SATISFIED. The individuals responsible for providing this service are executing at a professional level for this scope of project.


Average Score: 3.3

100% of respondents were VERY or EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the IPG brand. Opportunity for improvement exists in the conversion of VERY’s to EXTREMELY’s. Overall this is excellent news for the brand in this market.