Developers with Experience and Integrity

International Property Group (IPG) has been building commercial real estate projects in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties for over twenty five years, and dedication to quality is a matter of principle. With over one and a half million square feet of commercial office space built in the last few years, International Property Group has the experience to know what your firm needs in an office/showroom/warehouse facility.

Founded by Ken Farkas a decade ago, IPG’s mission is to help business owners meet daily challenges through smart design and innovative construction. Mr. Farkas’ own office is located in the first phase of this project, a testament to his partnership with International Property Group condo owners.

The extra amenities included in IPG-built facilities help businesses grow. In turn, many previous purchasers follow the developer to new locations when their businesses expand. Unlike a typical landlord to tenant relationship, International Property Group’s clients are often repeat customers.

Direct supervision of construction and attention to owner’s needs in those critical first months after closing are core elements of IPG’s approach to developing commercial real estate. Power Outage Protection (POP) Design to limit your inventory loss and minimize your business interruption is another key innovation at the newest Banyan projects.

Your business deserves a location that works as hard as you do. Your business deserves a location developed by international Property Group. Your business deserves a Banyan address.

Kenneth Farkas, CEO,
International Property Group, Inc.


Andy Cruz received his Bachelor's degree in 2005 and completed his Master's the following year, both at Florida International University. Upon graduation, he chose a career in real estate, where he believes his background can help him make significant contributions. He also likes the growth potential in the field.    

The opportunity to interact with different people and businesses is core to his interest and appreciation for his career. “All of my clients are movers and shakers," he said. “It gives me tremendous satisfaction to be working in this industry."

When not in the office or helping clients find a new location, Andy raises money for breast cancer research and plays baseball and football. He also enjoys volunteering for community events such as charity walks and 5K runs.


Jason Gonzalez became interested in real estate very early, as his father builds industrial warehouses. According to Jason, "The real estate business allows me to do what I enjoy most, which is helping solve problems for other people."
Although he considers industrial real estate his specialty, Jason has also sold raw land and negotiated commercial offices leases. One memorable deal involved even a supermarket.

Now married and a father, Jason cherishes spending time with his wife and child. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and fishing and is working toward a degree in Human Resources at Florida International University.


Moe Vessie's involvement in real estate began when he was a mere child listening to discussions about his family's 40 year-old real estate business. As a young adult, he began acquiring real estate for investment while still in college. In 2005, Moe graduated with a Master's in International Real Estate from Florida International University, the first such degree program in the country.

Easily characterized as a "quintessential people person," Moe appreciates the opportunity to meet different people every day. An inner competitiveness drives him to make the best possible deals for his clients. He also gets enormous satisfaction helping put people in places they never dreamt they could be. “Giving people the opportunity to make an investment for their retirement pleases me more than anything else,” he said.

A love of family infuses his life, and Moe enjoys spending time with his father, who continues to be a mentor. He loves to go fishing on his boat, and for a time, he was part of a traveling softball team.


Roger Zuniga's interest in real estate began in an unusual fashion. While in his first career as an IT specialist, Roger became interested in real estate while working on Ken Farkas’ computer. According to Roger, the sophistication of the industry attracted him to the field.  

One on one contact with business owners is most rewarding for Roger. “Helping people find the perfect location for their business is very satisfying,” he commented. Roger’s major interest is showing clients that they can stop renting and create an appreciating investment for the same amount they paid as a tenant. After four years, he can't imagine working in any other industry.

Roger received an Associate's degree at Miami-Dade College in 1998. He enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his kids, in his spare time. He follows current events and politics. And he frequently helps his colleagues, friends and family with their IT projects also.